Police District Advisory Council Meetings

The Police District Advisory Council or “PDAC” as it is known, was formed in the early 1990′s to create a liason between the Police Department and the community. 21 of 23 police districts have PDAC programs in operation, consisting of volunteers from the community and representatives from the District Attorney’s Office. Our neighborhood is in the 6th district.

Each PDAC holds monthly meetings to discuss issues affecting the quality of life within its district. Below are some highlights from last month’s meeting.

Crime Report
Violent Crime down 30%
Shooting Incidences down 20%
Shooting Victims down 67%
Property Crime down 20%
Theft from Autos down 23%

Notes About Cell Phone Theft
A recent shooting in Society Hill was the result of a cel phone robbery.
The shooting occurred when the victim tried to get his phone back.

• Do not walk down the street and talk on your phone. You are unaware of your surroundings.
• If you are attacked, do not attempt to save or recover your phone. Let it go.

• Download the ‘Find my Phone’ app so the police can track the thief.
• Do not have your phone shut off immediately if it is stolen. Give the police a chance to track it.

Notice to Merchants: Pre-paid Card Scam

Individual will have a pre-paid card and legitimate corresponding photo ID. Card will be declined. Individual will call ‘bank’. Bank gets on the phone with merchant, asks what kind of debit machine they’re using, gives them the key strokes to authorize payment. Payment gets authorized. Two days later real bank follows up to say they’re not paying. Several thousand dollars have been lost due to this scam.

Neighborhood Watch Signup:  If you are interested in participating in the neighborhood watch, please e-mail Jason Hughes at jahughes@hotmail.com.

Community Relations Officer
Julie Carpenter will be replacing Tanya Brown in this role. Julie has 20 years experience, 19 in the 6th district and can be reached at julie.carpenter@phila.gov

Captain Brian Korn is now on Twitter. Follow him at @PPDBrianKorn

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